The Tap Love Tour Podcast

Episode 46: JENNA WERHUN with special guest Alisha Stranges - Healing Through Tap Dance

If you're curious about the motivation behind the show that I just produced, and want to know more about how 
tap dance can function as a way to heal, then make sure to give this a listen.

Vue Weekly

Edmonton Tap Dancer Celebrates Healing with Multidisciplinary Performance

“There are just so many unique voices coming together.  The whole crux of the show is 
authentic expression.  Each individual person is contributing to this common theme of healing - one which I think we all experience.”  -  Jenna Werhun
St. Albert Gazette

Diversity Reigns at St. Albert Mayor's Celebration of the Arts

“This gal is a pioneer in the Canadian tap dance scene and graduated from the University of Alberta music program. She’s opened for international heavyweights Snoop Dogg, Mya Harrison, Chris Dave and Drumhedz, and is part of Edmonton Tap Collective, a trio of local hoofers.”  -  Anna Borowiecki
North Texas Performing Arts News

They Got Rhythm - Rhythm In Fusion Festival, Dallas Texas

“She truly is a pioneer, her humility, innocence, and youthful determination have carried her through the muddy waters of doubt and prejudice. Every time someone thinks “What can a dancer contribute to music? How did you get here in the first place?” she boldly proves them wrong.  She’s not only out to educate, but she’s working to change the current mindset on a variety of topics.  She speaks a musician’s language, thinks like a musician, but her feet move with grace and elegance.”  -  Cheryl Callon

Edmonton Journal

Taking Tap to the World with International Competition in Germany

A beautiful article, written about one of my youngest & brightest students, Hannah Palichuk.  “
At 13, Edmonton tap dancer Hannah Palichuk already dreams of being a world champion, and as the only Albertan to make the Team Canada Tap team in her age category, she appears to be on the right track.”  -  Salena Kitteringham